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This digital platform enables you to promote your developed applications & plugins while reaching to greater number of audience easily.

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Friendly features and the best in class services for all

Application Monitoring

We monitor and test the vulnerability of the applications for a great experience with QuackSo.

Freely set your own prices

If your product is licensed or subscription based we provide the flexibility to set your own charges for the services.

Customer Service

With the specialized team for grievance redressal all the issues are handled in the best possible way.

Verified Products

Every application is extensively examined by QuackSo, so the users can trust the credibility and ethical performance.

Open Forum for Discussion

QuackSo encourages an environment for constructive discussions and facilitates a forum for overall betterment.

Support at all steps

Team QuackSo will feel pleased to assist you and provide all possible support for application development.

Quackso For Developers

For Our Developers

QuackSo not only provides an efficient platform to host the programming talents but also enhances the client experience with improved UX of application. With a complete range of services from hosting the application to thoroughly test it for bugs and vulnerability, we allow the flexibility to set your own rates for the services. Our special forum for enriching discussions hones the skills to get the best output and the inbuilt dashboard gives special statistics regarding the business performance.

Customized Licence

Personalize your product license as per the application developed.

Donate Option

In case you don’t have the license for application, QuackSo offers the donate option to get developer recognized for the efforts.

Promotional Services

With special features generate greater leads & visitors for your application which result in more downloads.

UX Support

We offer end-to-end UX Support to enhance the client experience with your applications.

Verified Products

QuackSo thoroughly tests the performance of each application and when the expert panel certifies that application is free from any sort of vulnerability in any form, and then only we host the application for common usage.

Open Forum

The Open Forum serves as a platform to express your views and discuss with other members. Whatever be in your mind about the application or services, feel free to interpret and assist in the wholesome development of services.

Application Support

Team QuackSo is always there for your help and ensure that you always get the best in the most efficient manner. From selecting the kind of application to get it downloaded and installed in your system, get assisted at all steps.


We respect your views and the constructive criticisms are always welcomed here. Your feedback is of paramount importance for us and therefore we ask and respond it accordingly. It also enables to rectify the fudge-factor and develop better applications.

Quackso For Customers

For Our Customers

Get the latest versions of the best applications, extensively examined at several steps for the vulnerability, and exclusively designed for the best client experience. Whatever be your Operating System or whatever your kind of needs be, the complete set of services with detailed data, helps you compare and make the best informed decision suiting your needs.